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10 Amazing Ways to Capture Sharper Pictures

Clarity and sharpness are the two most crucial factors that decide the quality of a picture. Although getting professional level sharpness seems like a big deal, learning the basics of photography will make it much easier for you to improve the quality of your pictures. Here are some helpful tips that are sure to help you capture stunning pictures.

1. Try to switch to single point autofocus

While focusing, most cameras try to retain the sharpness of the scene as much as possible. Switching to single point commands your camera to focus sharply on just one point, thereby giving you sharp pictures.

2. Adjust ISO settings

Your camera's ISO setting affects the overall quality and sharpness of your work, so make sure you adjust the settings accordingly. Always use your camera's lowest ISO setting. The higher the ISO speed, the more will be the digital noise that will further reduce the quality of your photo and make them appear fuzzy.

3. Use better quality lens

Though better quality lenses are costly, but they are sure to help you take your work to the next level. You don't have to buy all the expensive varieties. Choose something that you would need most of the time and can even be used to shoot multiple situations if required.

4. Use tripods for better photos

Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, a tripod is absolutely necessary to balance your camera properly and provide you ultimate stability. The lesser the unwanted camera movements, the sharper will be the photos.


5. Remove lens filter.

Since filters reduce the quality of images, simply remove them from your camera whenever they are not required.


6. Always use the sharpest aperture

Camera lenses achieve their highest quality and sharpness at one particular aperture. This is typically 2 to 3 stops before their maximum aperture. Adjust your focus-stop as per your need but make sure it's towards the maximum side and not the minimum one.


7. Still yourself

It is always difficult to hold your body in a fixed position for sometimes but if you want sharp pictures with or without using a tripod, make yourself absolutely stable. Body movement is the greatest enemy of photo shoot; even deep breathing can spoil the quality. Support yourself against a wall, a tree or any other support. While pressing your button do breathe gently and slowly.


8. Use higher shutter speed

A faster shutter speed has less chance of movement, so increase it as far as you can. The rule of thumb for choosing shutter speed is that use a speed of at least "1/focal length". So, for a 100mm lens you have to use a speed of 1/100 a second or faster.


9. Shoot in burst mode.

If you shoot off 10 shots at a time, there are high chances you may get at least 1 or 2 sharp photos. So, always shoot in burst mood. Don't forget to bring external memory device, as you may run short of space.


10. Proper light

Light is the life of photography, so always shoot in appropriate lighting to maintain the sharpness and quality of your images. Use extra light source even during the day, if required. Unless your photos are sharp, they won't be attractive. So make sure you follow all these basic tips to capture impressive photographs.


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