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PhotoStudioSupplies  :  5 Cheap But Indispensable Equipments for Photography

5 Cheap But Indispensable Equipments for Photography

Photography can be tough and challenging without proper equipments but if you have the right equipments clubbed with appropriate skills, you can become a legend in photography. With some important equipments and settings, photography would be a pleasure for you. Don't hesitate to invest your hard earned money to buy the specialized equipments. Photography would be incomplete without them. You don't need to buy expensive and high end equipments to give a professional look to your work. Even inexpensive, self-made equipments would be able to do the magic. Here are 5 cheap but indispensable photography equipments that you must own in
order to give a polished look to your work.


Photography reflectors are lightning equipments that redirect the light towards your subject. Sometimes while shooting your subject outside, the subject's face might get some shadows or hot spots under the chin, nose, etc. Reflectors help you get rid of them by bouncing back sufficient light on those areas and make it look brighter and uniformly lit. You can buy all forms of good quality reflectors from PhotoStudioSupplies at a discounted price. Our reflectors are portable and very much useful for outdoor shootings.

Soft boxes

Soft boxes make photography much easier and efficient, as they help in light dispersion. They generate more focused light source thereby, illuminating the subject with soft and even light. Our soft boxes come in various size and shapes and are very easy to carry and set up. They are made of very light weight materials. Many softboxes have inner reflective surface that maximizes the intensity of light, thereby work perfectly in low light condition.

Photography umbrella

Umbrellas play a great role in photography. When you photo shot outside, umbrellas help in bouncing back the harsh light falling on them and direct the bounced light on your subject or at any desired point. Photography umbrellas provide soft light that helps to improve the quality of photos. Our photography umbrellas are affordable and portable. We have black, white, and translucent umbrellas, all designed to handle different requirements. White is used as a shoot through whereas silver helps in bouncing back the light. Our umbrellas provide photographers more control over light.

Remote controls for camera

Remote controls are one of the most important equipments for photography. Whether you want to shoot portraits or simply want to reduce the blue that might occur due to pressing of the shutter button, remote controls for cameras are excellent tools. Our remote controls will give you complete flexibility to shoot around. They are also helpful for shooting pictures where you cannot be present for example; shooting wildlife. For such cases, wireless remote controls are better option as compared to wired ones.

Camera filters

Filters are optical elements that are basically transparent but are designed to add special effects by altering the light entering the camera lens. Filters dramatically changes the properties of photos like contrast, sharpness, brightness, color. There are many types of filters used in cameras such as UV filters, ND filters, polarizing filters, macro filters, color filters, etc. Filters also help in protecting the lenses from dust and UV rays, thereby improving the quality of photos. Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, these equipments are sure to help you take your pictures to the next level.

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