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A Quick Look at Green Screen Kit and its Benefits

A Green Screen Kit is the essential need of a photographer, which includes a high quality backdrop, a background stand, shoot through umbrellas, lighting and other photo background equipment so that you are ready for the photo session anywhere and at any time. This kit is a useful addition for hobbyists and professional photographers alike. Lets dig deep what complete Green Screen Kit includes

Backdrop Stand

A backdrop stand is a support system for the backdrop to give a perfect Background to the photo. It may be made up of steel, aluminum or any other lightweight material so that it is portable. Another important feature is that it should be flexible enough so that it can be used anywhere and is sturdy to let you work smoothly without getting bothered about slippages..


Any photography setup is incomplete without the backdrop it may be Green Screen Backdrops or may be Blue Screen Backdrop or a Black Screen Backdrop. Chroma key green screen backdrop is believed to be the very important part of the Photo Studio Kit as it will help in adding the desired effects by photo editing. Backdrop can be a paper backdrop, canvas backdrop or muslin backdrops. It also absorbs light and minimizes reflection thus creating better quality pictures.

Tripod Stand

A Tripod is essential equipment to stabilize and elevate a camera or support flashes and other photographic equipment. It should be embedded with the riser locks, cross-bar so as to make it adjustable, flexible and reliable enough to hold the equipment's. Its tripod legs should have extra wide footprint that will make them most stable stands. The durability of the stand can be assured by the material it is made of.


Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Light Bulbs provides the perfect light source even at the places with the dim light or no light at all and gives a glimmer to the photo. Light Bulbs are the perfect solution for an outstanding high output light source. The bulbs that come with kit are long lasting, energy savers will add up to bulb life so that they can provide excellent lightening for a longer duration.

Photo Umbrellas

Translucent Photo Umbrellas allow you to defuse the light to create a softer appearance and remove shadowing providing a perfect outline to photograph. Black color Photo Umbrella just absorbs the light going through the white nylon and a silver cover will reflect the light back through the white fabric, using the light more efficiently so it can be chosen according to the requirement.

Light Sockets

Photo studio kit will be incomplete without the light sockets so the setup can be attached to the source and the entire setup can be put to work.

Carry Bag

A carry bag with the storage capacity so that it can contain all the equipment's safely without any damage to the equipments. It ensures portability. .

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