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PhotoStudioSupplies  :  An Analysis of Various Types of Photography Stands

An Analysis of Various Types of Photography Stands

Photography stands are a s useful as any other photography equipments such as a camera or a tripod. They are essentially telescopic poles that are designed to be upright in order to sturdily hold your equipments. These stands allow photographers to have better control over their equipments and get better results. Although they seem to be just the basic stands to a layman, every photography stand has its own use and cannot be replaced by any other variety. They can be divided into two broad categories; backdrop stands and light stands.††††††

Backdrop stands

  • They are used for holding up the backdrops. Their construction, design, weight, and durability vary from model to model.
  • Not all backdrop stands are good for all situations. The ones that are designed to hold muslin or paper backdrops cannot hold the heavier canvas backdrops. Therefore, before buying a background stand, decide what form of backdrops you will be using.
  • If you are mostly an outdoor or on-location photographer, buy the lightweight ones so that carrying them will not be a big issue for you. Prefer buying the aluminum ones, as they are sturdier as well as lightweight as compared to the iron ones.
  • Always buy a proper carrying case for the background stands in order to protect them from damage during transportation.
  • Although most stands are corrosion-free, do not let them come in contact with water.

Light stands

  • These stands are used for holding your lighting equipments such as a flash, umbrella, strobe, reflector panel, softbox, bulb, etc.
  • Light stands give you the flexibility to place your lighting equipment at any desired place, angle, or direction in order to illuminate your subject as desired.
  • Light stands come in multiple sizesí ranging from the ones that will allow you to shoot a 7 feet tall subject to the ones that are designed to shoot 3 year olds. Most of these stands have height adjustable feature; however, PhotoStudioSupplies recommend you to read the specifications carefully.
  • Boom arm or telescopic arm is an extension of light stands and basically used for hair lighting.
  • Each light stand has its own weight bearing capacity. If you are buying it for a specific product, make sure to check if it can safely be mounted on the stand.
  • On-the-go photographers must buy the stands that are made of aluminum, as they are corrosion-free, sturdy, as well as lightweight.
  • The standard lightweight ones are not suitable for outdoor use, as they can easily be destabilized by wind. For such situations, you would need the heavy-duty C stands that are extremely stable due to the presence of a sand bag. These stands come with a number of attachments like a boom arm.

Camera stands

  • Also known as tripods, they are used for mounting cameras.
  • Tripods come in a variety of models and have a very specific compatibility.
  • There are two types of tripods; the ball head ones and the pan-tilt ones. Ball head tripods give you complete flexibility to move your camera in any desired horizontal angle and, are therefore, a great choice for shooting action photographs and videos such as sports photography, events, etc. Pan-tilt ones are most recommend for generic use.

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