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Bird Photography Techniques That You Must Know

Photographing birds in gardens or backyards is perhaps a favorite pastime for most people. Whether you a hobby photographer or a professional photographer; birds attract everyone and no wonder people long to capture some stunning pictures of the birds that visit their backyards. Although it seems easy to sit on a lounge chair in your garden and shoot birds, getting some beautiful shots require some practice and patience along with getting your basics corrected. Here are some essential bird photography tips that you must start practicing.

Attract lots and lots of birds

For shooting good pictures, you need to have good subjects and therefore, you have to make an extra effort to attract birds towards your garden. Create a bird-friendly atmosphere by having colorful bird houses in your backyard. Also, plant the vegetation that they love to eat or serve some grains in a plate to lure them. The more birds you will attract the more options you will have to shoot.

Choose a favorable location for you

You should not get closer to the birds or else you may scare them away and all your attractive elements will fail. Stay away from your little subjects and shoot them without interfering in their activities. For this, you will have to position yourself at a place where the birds are completely visible and you are out of sight. Shooting from the windows of the living room and bedroom is an excellent option. You can even place your camera on a tripod, mount it in your garden at a place where birds are most expected to reach, and use remote shutter release and camera remote control to click pictures.

Ensure proper lighting

Lighting is the most important ingredient of a good photograph and you have to ensure that your subjects are properly lit. Shoot in the late afternoon and not during the noon as the sun will be too harsh. Moreover, birds are usually not very active during noon and therefore, you wonít get much action during the midday. Also, when you are position yourself and arrange the birdhouse and feed at a place that is expected to get maximum light. Donít use flash or any external light source or else you may scare away the birds.

Avoid distracting background

A busy background will distract the attention from the birds and therefore, you must blur the background so that your subject gets maximum attention. Zoom in and fill the frame with your subject to minimize the background.

Use minimum equipments and choose the right equipments

When shooting birds, you will not be able to use as many equipment as you want to. Heavy and big sized equipments will distract the birds. You have to use very few equipment in order to keep your shot simple. A camera, a tripod, and lenses should be in your equipment list. You may also use remote shutter release to minimize unwanted camera shakes.

These easiest and simplest bird photography tips are sure to capture some great photographs. For more such useful information, keep reading this space.

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