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5 Easy Tips for Child Photography

Capturing children photographs can be a challenging task as they are moody and not always ready to pose and quite fast and always in a hurry. To capture their natural clicks, photographer has to be always ready else you may end up having blurry and out-of-focus images. Here are 5 simple tips to help you photograph children in a fun & easy way.

Build a bond with the child

It is imperative to build a rapport with the child for capturing extra ordinary shots. Try connecting with the child, ask his /her hobbies and be friends with them. Donít tell your subject to pose by smiling, these kind of images look too fake. To capture natural clicks, let them freely enjoy in their playful mood, and you be ready with your camera to click some stunning photographs. It is not necessary to have smiling or giggle images, you can have playful and touching photographs reflecting childís innocence and true personality..

Add props to set mood for photo shoot

Children get nervous with the photo shoots especially when they see a foreign person clicking their pictures. Best way to keep them busy is give them some props such as their favorite toy, a bubble maker, bouquet of balloons, a can of candies etc. This will make your images creative & fun and shooting for you will become easy.

Shoot from your subjectís eye level

It is a photographic rule, always shoot from your subjectís eye level, to capture quality images. For child photography, it is wise to kneel down, then click images, and keep trying different angles, to give impeccable attention to details including childís clothing, hair color.


Background and Location

Background is very important; make sure it does not distract. Especially in child portraits, take close-up shots, isolating the child from background and focusing on childís true personality. Ideally, background should not be too bright, keep it simple and plain white. Decide the location of photo shoot well in advance, whether it has to be inside or outdoor shoot, if outside look for a good spot perfect for child photography.

Create a Story Board

Try unconventional and creative ideas, click series of images in one frame, when child is in motion or playing around. You will find some amazing shots, and this will create a kind of storyboard. These series of shot tell a story in a captivating way and has a great emotional appeal as well.

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