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Chroma Keying Techniques that you must know

This is an era of Chroma key photography. It is an advanced technology used for photography basically for mixing up two images together. This latest and most advanced technology is tremendously used all over the world and is also in demand, as it is easy to use and gives you magnificent results. This amazing technique has helped photographers shoot lots of otherwise impossible photographs and videos. This technique uses very basic Green Screen Kit equipments such as a photo editing software, a green screen background and the photography equipments and accessories, which when put together results into sharp and crystal clear images and videos. If you are planning to use this technique, here is a complete guide on Chroma keying.

Imagine your shot before you shoot

The only thing which takes a second to move from earth to heaven is imagination. To start with, decide what you actually desire to see in your video or photo. This would definitely help you frame your shot. For instance, if you are shooting a fighting scene in a shady place, make sure you light your scene dully. This way, you would be able to make the brightness and contrast of your foreground perfectly matched with your new background. In addition to this, it will also help you create an element of reality in it. For better accuracy and results, you have to frame the shot in mind and work accordingly.

Make sure there are no color spills

For this, your subject has to stand at a significant distance from the green screen background. The distance should be at least 6 to 10 feet. The farther the subject, the more clear would be outlines. Moreover, being at significant distance will reduce the reflections from falling on the subject.

Backlighting is necessary

For proper Chroma keying, use backlighting in order to create perfect outlines that separate your subject from the background. Make sure that this separation would not cause any imperfections. For this, lighting has to be hotter near the head and the torso position. Perfect separation provides you better and easier Chroma keying.


Make sure you have even lighting

Shadows are the most unwanted elements of photography and have been proved to be disastrous for photographers. To get fruitful results in chromo keying, make sure there are absolutely no shadows in your scene. To get rid of this, use lighting equipments and modifiers, which would help you in achieving even lighting. Try to avoid hotspots otherwise post production would stress you. If you are taking a full body shot, properly illuminate the floor. Avoid shadows on the floor for clear crystal and bright photography.

All the tips mentioned above would help you in achieving flawless Chroma keying and would provide you perfect outcomes.

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