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DSLR Vs Point & Shoot Cameras

When you dive into the world of digital photography, there are two types of cameras you will come across DSLR(Digital single lens reflex) camera and point and shoot cameras. In brief, a key difference between the two is DSLR lets you see your subject directly through the lens using a mirror whereas in point and shoot you do not see the real image formed by a camera lens as it does not feature a mirror assembly. Here is a quick comparison between the features of these two types of cameras:

Size & Weight

The first difference between a point and shoot and DSLR is their size and weight. Point and shoot are easier to carry, as they support a sleek and stylish body and are lightweight. You can easily slip it in your pocket and you are good to go. And if we talk about a DSLR, they come with a heavy body and are heavier and they are preferably carried in a case.

Image Quality/Sensor size

Point and shoot cameras comes with a smaller sensor, they typically have a sensor area of 3-5% of a full frame DSLR sensor. A big sensor is directly related to the image quality. That is why images captured with DSLRís are of superior quality as they carry a big sensor. Having a big sensor helps to get images that have lesser noise and better clarity.


DSLRís feature interchangeable lenses, which opens up a world of possibilities for photographers. As per the need of the shoot, you can mount different lenses from a wide-angle lens to telephoto, macro. On the hand point and shoot cameras come with a fixed lens, you cannot switch lenses or mount external flashes for high-end results.



A point and shoot camera comes with automatic settings giving you less control but you can click amazing pictures as cameraís auto mode does the job for you but you have to completely rely on in- built settings. In DSLR you can play with the settings though they support auto settings too but you can make some potential adjustments in the settings like changing aperture, shutter speed and more but its settings are complex and demands lot of understanding whereas a point and shoot is quite simple..


Speed is one of the most critical factors, when we talk about point and shoot they take time to focus and can typically capture 1 frame per second. When compared to DSLR they can quickly focus and have the capability to capture upto 5 frames per second. Thatís is why DSLR s are the first choice for sports and action photography.


DSLRs comes with a heavy price tag, and demands a lot of investment. You need to buy different accessories like tripods, external flash, filters, different lenses and lot more. Point and shoot is comparatively cheaper and easier to use.


DSLRs demand lot of maintenance, as their camera lens can get dirty and you may need lens-cleaning kits. While a point and shoot is easy to operate and does not require much maintenance as such but are sensitive and can quickly break down. However, DSLRs are tough and bulky bodies made of magnesium alloys and can withstand lot of physical abuse.

In nutshell, Point and shoot, cameras have a user-friendly interface and do not require much input from the users end. They are convenient to carry, budget-friendly and are known for their ease of use. In addition, many advanced models offer plenty of fun novelty features like GPS, automatic smile detection and more. In comparison, DSLRs are outrageously expensive, bulkier but gives more photographic options and flexible controls. But operating a DSLR is complex and you need to invest a lot of time in order to make most of its functionalities.

So if you are a casual shooter, a good point and shoot camera is sufficient for you and if you want to indulge deep into photography and capture that stunning shots then DSLRs is finest option for you.

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