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One of the best offerings, to meet all your photography needs!
A special discount for all the professional photographers on the go! Now avail most popular photography lighting equipment at best prices. Select from our wide range of products, from high quality Soft boxes to lighting Umbrellas, from all- in- one lighting tents to photography reflectors all under one roof. We are offering 10-70% OFF and additional 10% discount to our special customers like you. For this, you just need to enter the promo code : ' PSS10 '
Soft box is the most popular photography lighting device, to provide soft, diffused light. Photo studio soft boxes are made of reflective materials that bounce off the existing light thereby illuminating your subject with even light.
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Photography Lamps
Select from our wide range of photography lamps available in multiple outputs, and are compatible with all studio lighting equipments. We also offer lamp holders. They are sure to cater your lighting needs that too at a pocket friendly price.
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Lighting Tents
Lighting tents are solution for all your product photography needs. These lighting tents have varied interior backdrops and help you create attractive and professional product photos in a moment! They are available in multiple sizes and are perfect for shooting wide range of products. Order your set of lighting tent at a never before prices
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Photography Reflectors
Reflectors are easiest lighting equipment to modify your studio lighting and are simple to use, as they have flat surface used to bounce light onto the subject. Explore our range of photo studio reflectors available in combo packs, where each set has 5 different reflector panels, each meant for a specific use. Available now at an irresistible price!
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Photography Umbrellas
Umbrellas are most essential and least expensive light modifiers, best known for their ease of use. At photo studio, we have wide range of photo umbrellas to meet all your lighting needs. From shoot through umbrellas to reflective, these umbrellas are available in multiple sizes, and are perfect for both indoor... Read more
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