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If you are into trick photography, especially into Chroma keying, we could be your best source to buy inexpensive green screen photography equipment and accessories. We have a vast collection of green screen apparels, backdrops, and other accessories that can make Chroma keying easier and faster. All our products are of professional quality and match the highest industry standards. Currently we are offering 30% Discount on all of them. Use the coupon code mentioned below at checkout to avail the offer. Hurry! Offer expires on 31st July, 2013.
Green Screen Apparels
Chroma Key Green Hood
Starting From : $15.50
Chroma Key Green Gloves
Starting From : $28.95
Chromakey Green Body Suit
Starting From : $69.95
Applicable on
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Green Screen Kits
Green Screen Backdrop,
Background Stand and Lighting Kit
Starting From : $178.45
Continuous Lighting Kit with
Three 6X9 Muslins
Starting From : $146.95
220 Watt Photo Studio
Monolight Flash Lighting Kit
Starting From : $209.95
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