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Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

Fashion photographs are completed desired to showcase the costumes and accessories that the clients want to promote. Although it is seems to be very similar to shooting portraits, fashion photography, however is required to make the product look compelling and not just highlight the beauty of the model. The increasing competition among apparels brands have created a huge demand for fashion photographers and if you are someone who is willing to take up fashion photography s a profession, here are some helpful tips that you must know:

Let your subject make an eye contact with the viewers

For capturing an impactful picture, ask your subject to look directly into the camera. Direct eye contact will grab the attention of your viewers and create a strong bonding, thereby having them spend more time on your pictures. Engaging pictures are excellent way of promoting your clientsí products, as the viewers will definitely notice all of them in pictures.

Shoot from a low level

Unlike portraits where you shoot your subject from the eye level, in fashion photography, you have to shoot your subject from a low level in order to make her look taller than she actually is. For this, you have to position yourself at an angle that is lower than her eye level. Bend down or even lay on the ground if required.

Lighting has to be appropriate

Unlike shooting portraits, you donít necessarily have to illuminate your subject brightly or softly. Be experimental and light your subject as required by the theme of the shot. You donít have to necessarily light her up brightly; even dim, shadowed shots would be perfect as long as they are impactful enough to showcase the products. If you are shooting antique jewelry, you must not brightly illuminate you subject, as this will not highlight the antique look of the jewelry.

Try some variations

The perfect studio looks arenít always great for shooting fashion photographs. Try to have some variations in your pictures. Take your model out to a park and use natural lighting in case you want brighter photographs. If you want a specific outcome that requires you to have more controlled form of lighting, prefer shooting in your studio.

Have some emotions

Even if you have used the most creative lighting technique, plain pictures will look boring. Have your subject turn into an actress and ask her to show the right emotions. Ask her feel proud and confident if she is featuring royal jewelry and make her feel nervous if she is featuring a wedding dress. Expressions and eye contacts will bind your viewers and increase the impact of your pictures.

Like any other form of photography, fashion photography also has no strict rules. Experiment as much as you can and come up with your own unique shots.

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