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Fluorescent Versus Incandescent: Which Lighting Should you Use?

Both fluorescent and incandescent lighting are popular lighting forms used for professional photography; but each one has its own use and you cannot use anyone in any situation. The choice between them is purely dependent on the desired results. For portraits and other forms of professional photography, fluorescent lighting is found to be a better choice as it gives a natural look to the subjects; whereas for artistic images, photographers prefer incandescent light. Here are some vital details about both of them that will help you make a better choice.                                               

The color of the light generated by them is significantly different

This is the most obvious difference between them. The incandescent or tungsten light sources such as bulbs give yellowish or orange shades to your images. This is because; the spectrum of tungsten light falls in the range of red color that turns out to be orange or yellow. The fluorescent light falls in the spectrum of blue and, therefore, gives a bluish tint to the images. For capturing natural looking images, you can use the fluorescent one but not the incandescent lighting.   

Incandescent lights are hot lights

This is because they generate excessive amount of heat that often makes the studio environment very uncomfortable and may even cause fire in extreme cases. At least 80% of the energy consumed by tungsten lights is emitted as heat. Fluorescent lighting is not so hot; rather it is very comfortable for long duration shots. Although it might not sound like a big issue, it can be a serious factor for shooting inconveniences during long shoots, especially when you have to place your lighting equipments too close to your subject.

Power consumption and operational cost

Incandescent lighting consumes 80% more energy than the fluorescent ones. Moreover, almost 80% of the power consumed by such light is not used for generating light but get wasted in the form of heat. Fluorescent lighting is a more efficient way of illuminating your subject. It consumes less amount of electricity and therefore, reduces your operational costs. The heat and light ratio of tungsten light is 95: 5 whereas that of fluorescent light is 5: 95. This figure clearly indicates the energy efficiency of fluorescent light, thereby making it a better choice.

Flickering quality

a href="photography-lighting-equipment.php">Fluorescent light is flicker-free whereas incandescent light will give you a lot of flickered images. Flickers can seriously affect the quality of your images and therefore, should be avoided as much as possible.

Tungsten lighting often gives a warm look to your images and therefore, helps give an artistic look to your images. Although it is not a preferred option for normal pictures, you must consider it wherever you want to explore your creativity.

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