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Food Photography Tips to Get Started

Food photography is all about capturing mouth- watering images that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. Here we have mentioned few essential ingredients for getting started in food photography.

Proper Lighting

When you are photographing food, you must consider it as a still life subject and light it properly. To get appealing shot of food images, your best bet is natural light. Place the food near a window or photograph your dishes outside, to bring color and contrast. You can also use a reflector to bounce light from piece of a white cloth onto food, making your dish look naturally fresh and crisp.

Compliment food with props

To make food photographs stand out, use simple props. Clean and pleasant cutlery or nice silverware makes a great prop. Prefer using matte finished plates and bowls over patterned cutlery as matte finishing minimizes the unnecessary reflections and you do not have to block the light using reflectors or boards. You can add small touches with complimentary props like a folded napkin, a nicely cut lemon, or a flower but abstain from going overboard with props.

Keep it simple

Keep the food images clear of unnecessary items, take out things on the table that may cause distraction. If you keep too many things in the background or table, it will give a cluttered and clumsy look. So keep it simple, to get clean and appealing shots.


Lighting and Background

Food images depict a mood, and lighting & background play an important role in setting this mood. For instance if you want to depict a romantic mood, you may use a rustic, intricate silver ware with dim or low level light. On the other hand, pink and blue floral tablecloth evokes cheerfulness and light –heartedness. So, use lighting and background carefully, keeping in mind purpose of shoot and story you may want to tell with it or the mood you may want to depict with it.


How so ever delicious a dish is if it is not well presented, whole effort fails. So do not just place your food in fancy dishes and expect a great shot, you need to strategically place and use different presentation techniques to get stunning shots. For instance, you can show a rising steam when capturing hot dishes, or add a color to the bland dishes, by garnishing it nicely.

Camera Angles

When capturing shots, try using different camera angles like for a more detailed shot, you can try a close –up or you can highlight one part of your dish instead of focusing on the whole food item. You can capture from directly overhead, tilted, Shooting into the edge of the plate and so on. Experiment with different angles of view to get great shots.

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