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Green Screen Apparels And Their Contribution Towards The Entertainment Industry

Have you ever wondered how the movies like 300 and Star Wars were created? What is the technology that makes it possible to make such sci-fi movies and give all those supernatural effects? For a layman, it seems like a big deal but for photographers like you, such special effects are mere tricks of Chroma key background replacement photography. Adding unbelievable special effects can play a big role in significantly improving the quality of your movies as well as for attracting viewers. Videographers across the globe have been relying on trick photography such as green screen photography to lure audience. This cutting-edge technology works with the help of a few green screen apparels and accessories that can help you give a magical look to your work. If you are / or aspire to become a green screen photographer here are some green screen apparels that you must possess.

Chroma key green screen body suit

All those movies portraying invisible subjects and supernatural scenes such as a cup floating in the air or a broom flying by itself are the results of the green screen body suit. This full body cover suit makes the subject go invisible in the videos. Make your subject wear this suit, stand against a green screen backdrop, and hold the cup up in the air. Later, use green screen software such as 123 video magic to remove the green elements from the video. You will be left with a cup that seems to be floating in the air without any background. Replace the backdrop with any desired background and now you will have a video having a floating cup. Chroma key body suits are one of the most useful green screen apparels that are frequently used for trick photography.

Chroma Key Green Gloves

All those zombie movies with armless ghost-like creatures are possible due to these green screen gloves. The process of removing the arm remains the same as that of making the subject go invisible. As per your requirement, you may ask your subject to wear the full hand gloves, half hand gloves, or any other variety that suits your need. Once you remove the arms, make sure you give the final touches such as blood gushing out of the chopped arms, etc. by using video editing software. These gloves are also found to be useful for making puppet videos.

Green screen hood

What if you want to have a headless man in your movie? Simply make him wear the green screen hood. Whether you want to have a ghost or a zombie in your movie or simply want your subject to go headless in a particular shot, this hood will be of great help. While choosing a hood, make sure you buy the one that is made of soft breathable fabric so that your subject doesn't face any suffocation issues. All these green screen apparels work with the help of a green screen background and green screen software such as 123 video magic. For more useful tips on Chroma keying, read our other photography write-ups. We also have a vast collection of green screen equipments that are offered at a discounted price. Shop now!

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