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Helpful Article on Pet Photography for both beginners and professional photographers

Pet photography is the most challenging form of this profession; you have no any control over your subjects and have to shoot completely at your own. You cannot make them pose for you and therefore, have to find your own ways to achieve perfection in your work. No matter whether you a beginner or professional, if you know proper techniques, you will love this work. Here are some basic pet photography tips that will help you improve your work.                                               

Keep your camera with you

If you are a photographer or loves to take photos of your own pet, it is very important for you to have your camera along with you wherever you are with your pet. If you don't have your camera, you will surely miss some beautiful moments and expressions that you would come across. You can't ask them to pose for you unless they are highly trained, so have your camera handy when you are spending time with them so that you can shoot candid.   

Know your pet's personality

If your pet is lazy, sleepy, and placid creature, take him to a place where he loves to rest and sleep. He will be happy there and will give you some of your best shots. However, if your pet is very active and loves to jump around, take him to a park or any other open place where he can play with balls or simply run around. While he enjoys his play, you can capture those beautiful moments in your camera. The more you know about your pet, the happier you will make them, and the better pictures you will get.

Always shoot in proper lighting

Light plays a very important part in photography and this holds true for pet photography as well. Natural light is recommended for shooting pets. Use flash light or any other artificial light might distract the animal and even irritate him, thereby spoiling the shoot. Further, flashes may give you spooky red-eye in pictures. If you are taking photos indoor, make sure there is sufficient amount of natural light coming to your room through doors and windows.

Adjust your camera setting

Pet photography cannot be done in leisure. This is because; pets will hardly stay still and will not cooperate unless trained appropriately. Most digital cameras are completely flexible and allow you to shoot in full manual mode. However, it will be difficult to adjust the camera settings before each shot as every shot with a pet will be different. If you find it difficult to change the settings every time, you can shoot in shutter priority mode where you will have to simply adjust the shutter speed.

The camera will automatically detect the required aperture size as per your chosen shutter speed, thereby simplifying your efforts as well as minimizing your time. Shoot in continuous mode in order to take a series of photos quickly before your pet changes its position. If you like these pet photography tips get associated with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep receiving more such useful information. Also, subscribe to our newsletters to keep receiving information about our offers. Enjoy Your Photography with us!

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