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How to Buy Photography Stands

Photography stands are not just anything that can be used for hanging your equipments; they are as important as any other professional photography gear that helps in improving the quality of your images. While backdrop stands support your backdrops properly, thereby giving you a seamless background to work on, the photography lighting stands hold your heavy lighting equipments so that you can work without any human assistance. Booms arms, the extensions of light stands, can help you light up a shot from an angle that otherwise would not have been possible. Photography stands undoubtedly help you improve the quality of your images and therefore, should be bought after proper evaluation. Here are some criteria that you must keep in mind while choosing photography stands.

The stand you choose must have an adjustable height

Adjustable height will let you shoot multiple subjects in varied ways without bothering about the reach. You can lower it while shooting a child or make it go up and illuminate an extraordinarily tall subject. Although most stands have adjustable height, the adjustment is often limited. Make sure you check the level of adjustment that the photography stand would be conveniently able to support and buy accordingly

Lightweight or heavier stands

If you are a studio photographer, you would rarely get a chance to move your photography lighting stands or backdrop stands. They will mostly require some redirection so their weight will not be a major consideration for you. However, if you are an on-the-go-photographer, heavier stands will put a lot of pressure on your shoulders, thereby making it a challenge for you to carry them. Apart from these stands, you will have many other equipments to carry, so the lighter the stands, the convenient they will be for you. Usually photography stands made of aluminum are much lighter than that of iron or steel. You might have to spend some extra dollars for buying them but thatís worth the comfort they will provide you.

Do not compromise sturdiness in lieu of lightness

Your photography light stands and backdrop stands should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of your gear. Low quality stands might break down, thereby destroying your lighting accessories and backdrops. Buy stands that are lightweight still sturdy so that they last longer. Aluminum has both these properties and is therefore, frequently considered for making photography equipments.


Look for corrosion-resistant stands

Outdoor photographers must buy stands that are made of corrosion-free material. Although you will be protecting them from any water contact, you cannot avoid this during certain situations such as during winter and spring photography. A corrosion resistant photography stand will last longer, thereby accommodating certain level of wear and tear.


The spring-cushioned ones provide you real protection

They are expensive and not meant for everyone. These photography lighting stands come with a spring cushion that will act as an extra protection for your equipment in case of negligence and mechanical errors. For studios, you wonít need this as the environment will be quite stable and you wonít be assembling or dismantling them frequently. However, on the go photographers must buy a spring cushioned ones in order to avoid tripping due to any reason.

Good quality stands have a long life and therefore, itís advisable to spend some extra dollars for them. PhotoStudioSupplies has a wide variety of photography lighting stands or backdrop stands that are designed to give maximum support to your setup. For details, explore our online store.

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