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How to Capture Stunning Child Photographs

Capturing the cutest expressions and honest emotions of a child to preserve the present moment forever is perhaps the best form of photography. However, child photography is one of the most difficult tasks for a photographer. Unlike adults, it is too difficult to make children pose for your pictures. Moreover, their body proportion is quite different than the adults and therefore, you would need a different setup for them. Here are some useful child photography tips that you must consider in order to capture stunning portraits and candids.

Befriend your subject

The more comfortable your subject is, the better expressions you will get. So before you start capturing the photographs of your subject, spend at least 15 to 30 minutes interacting with them. Although this might seem to be too much time, itís worth the quality of images you will get. Sit with them and play some fun games, offer them chocolates, talk to them about their friends, likes, dislikes, their favorite TV characters, their birthday plans, etc. This will make them feel comfortable and soon they will start following your orders.

Capture their action

Itís too difficult to get a child stand or sit still for more than 2 minutes. Moreover, children look good when they are busy in their own world without having to follow your orders. Never ask them to pose for you; instead, let them do whatever they want so that they appear happy and relaxed in the pictures. Since they will be in action while shooting, use a higher shutter speed so that you donít get blurred images.

Always be ready

This is perhaps the most useful kidsí photography idea. When shooting a child, you have to be always ready with the camera. This is because, you are dependent on the childís mood, and expression; he/she will not bother about your shoot. Children are always on the move and if you are prepared, you would get hundreds of shots in no time. So, set up your camera and other equipments before your subject arrives.


Wait, wait, and wait

You cannot tell them to move to the right at 20 degree angle or ask them to give you a pretty smile! If you lose patience, you will frighten them. So the only option you have is to keep patience and wait for those picture-perfect expressions. While you wait, never switch off your camera and sit on the chair; rather be ready with your camera all the time. You never know which moment can give you the best shot of your life.


Take help

If you focus on the childís safety and run around with him, you would not be able to focus on your job. Get someone else to do this for you so that you can focus on your composition. If possible ask your subjectís family member to do this for you. They will help you in making the child relaxed and happy for the photo shoot. Also, you have to move around the child with your camera, so get an assistant for you as well, who will help move your equipments as and when required.

Think of some inventive kidsí photography ideas to capture some happy moments. For example; never ask the child to leave his toys; rather, let him play with it while you capture his happiness. If you like these child photography tips get associated with us by liking our Facebook page and subscribing to our newsletter.

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