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How to Capture Wonderful Flower Photographs

Flowers are nature's best gifts to this world and this is the reason why they are one of the most common subject's for both professional as well as hobby photographers. Almost everyone who owns a camera loves to photograph the beauty and vibrancy of the flowers. Although flower photography doesn't require any specific photography equipment apart from the basic ones, photographing them certainly requires some specific techniques.                                 

Zoom in to get a closer look

To capture dramatic flower photographs, zoom in as much as possible. Don't use the zoom feature of your camera as zooming to the extreme level will give you hazy images. For capturing minute details of your tiny subjects, you have to use a macro lens probably between 50 mm to 200 mm. Such lenses will let you discover the textures and shapes of the flower and even its parts. With a macro lens you will be able to capture the texture of the petals and even the dew drops lying on them.  

Unclutter your background

This golden rule of photography should also be followed while photographing flower. A busy background will certainly take away some of the attention of the viewer, thereby decreasing its appeal. To capture stunning flower photographs, focus only on it and use a simple background. In case, the background can't be simplified, zoom in or/and blur the background.

Have appropriate lighting

Since most flower photography happens outdoor, you have to deal with harsh sunlight that might affect the quality of your photographs. Overcast days are excellent for flower photography, as the clouds act as natural diffuser and reduce the harshness of sunlight. The soft, even light coming out of clouds is considered to be the best source for photography. In case you are on an urgent assignment and cannot wait for an overcast day, use the white or translucent panel of the circular reflector kit to diffuse the sunlight falling on the flower and in the entire frame. You may also use the golden reflector to give a warm look to your subject.

Be careful of wind

Wind is the biggest enemy of flower photography. Any unwanted air movement will move your subject, thereby giving you blurred images. To keep the flowers stable, use a wind shield. Don't bother if you are not carrying one; simply take out your circular reflector kit and use it as a wind shield. In case you are capturing zoomed-in images, pluck the flower and place it on a table that is protected from wind. You may also carry it indoors. Even after your best efforts, you might not be able to make your flower remain 100% stable. In such case, use a fast shutter speed.


Use a shallow depth of field

This technology is all about emphasizing a certain part of the image while leaving the rest part as a soft, de-focused area. For this, you have to shoot with a wide aperture or may be use a telephoto lens.
Flowers are excellent subjects to work with. They don't have any appointment and won't go anywhere. So be patient and take your time to compose your shot carefully. Need more useful photography tips? Browse our other helpful photography articles.


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