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How to Choose the Perfect Background for your Pictures

Selecting good looking models is always the top priority for most photographers while planning their assignments. They always pay least attention to finalizing their backdrop or photography background, which is actually an equally important constituent of photography. Although background selection seems to be very easy, it actually requires you to pay a lot of attention to details. Whatsoever be the condition, your background plays a decisive and critical role in photography. A slight negligence in selecting them can spoil the entire look of your otherwise eye-catching photograph. Here are some guidelines that you must follow for choosing the most appropriate photography backdrop for your images.                                               

Select a background that does not compete with your foreground

The simpler the photographs, the better they will look. Select a photography background that compliments the foreground without competing with it. Plain backgrounds are therefore, considered to be the best ones for portraits. They fill up the empty space in your pictures without distracting your attention. If there are any distracting elements in your background, you may even consider blurring them so that the focus still remains on the subject.   

Give less space to the background

Your picture is intended to highlight your subject and therefore, must give maximum space to it. While framing your shot, always remember the golden rules of photography according to which, you must give at least 70% space to your subject. Although achieving this 70:30 ratio is not always possible, you must try to give as much space to your subject as possible. People are rarely interested in noticing what is there in the background unless it's worth noticing. They will be more interested in watching the close view of your subject be it a human or a still life. Moreover, filling your frame with subject is a great way to avoid background noise.

Carefully compose your shot

Concentrate on what is being captured before pressing the shutter button. Pay your attention to protruding elements, especially the ones that are often noticed above the head. This is one of the common mistakes that most photographers make. The popular ones are branches of trees protruding from subject's head. So make sure there is nothing that seems to be creeping behind your subject. Such elements can severely impact the overall look of your photograph. In case there is any such element in your frame, do not refrain from moving your subject. You could also experiment with your shooting angle in order to avoid any distractions.

Use the post-production techniques

Despite all your efforts, you can never be 100% sure about composing the best shots. Chances are there that you might fail to notice a couple of things in the viewfinder. To correct such issues, play with the post production techniques. There are many photo editing software programs that can help you remove the distractions as well as improve the overall look of your picture.

These tips and tricks are sure to help you improve the quality of your images. For more interesting articles, keep visiting PhotoStudioSupplies.

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