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How to Clean your DSLR Lens

Your DSLR camera lens is the most sensitive part of your camera and therefore, requires careful maintenance on a regular basis. Although you donít have to clean it on a daily basis, make sure you keep it free of dust and dirt in order to last longer. Cleaning your camera lens doesnít require any professional help but shouldnít be done casually. Here are some helpful camera lens cleaning tips that you must not ignore.

Always use a UV filter

The usefulness of UV filter is still debated. While most photographers do not find them useful manufacturers recommend them for protecting your lens from harmful UV rays. They are also a great way to keep dust and dirt away from the lens. Keep them attached to your SLR / DSLR Camera so that you donít have to extensively clean the lens; instead you will be simply dusting off the filter. These inexpensive camera accessories also protect the lenses from scratches and even breakages.

Lens cleaning liquids

These alcoholic liquids are available in most camera stores and are very useful for cleaning off the fingerprints and other stains without harming your DSLR camera lens. Do not use too much of liquid; a drop or two is sufficient to clean the entire lens. Always wipe your lens in a circular motion. Also, never spray the liquid directly on the lens; apply few drops of liquid on a clean lens cloth or a tissue and rub it on your lens in a circular motion. In case you donít have the liquid handy, simply breathe on your lens and wipe it with a cloth.

Use lens cleaning tissues

The normal paper tissues are very rough and may leave blotches and even scratches and therefore, are not safe for use. Professionally designed lens cleaning tissues are a safer option. They are made of very thin paper and are quite soft for being used for cleaning sensitive equipments such as DSRL camera lenses.


While using a cloth be extremely careful

Never use just any cloth thatís lying near you. SLR / DSLR Camera lenses should only be cleaned using special microfiber clothes. Always use a clean microfiber cloth instead of the used one so that it can grab all the dust and oil that is present on your lens. These clothes are washable. They are so inexpensive that you wonít mind buying a new one every time you need. Before wiping your lens, use a blower or a brush to remove any piece of grit that might be there on it or else you will be left with a scratched lens.

Silica gel packs

This is not a frequently used lens maintenance process but has been found to be useful against moisture related damages. Make sure you always keep some silica gel sachets in your SLR / DSLR Camera bag. These little packs will absorb the moisture in your bag, thereby keeping it safe. Change the sachets on a regular basis, as they become useless once they retain too much moisture.

Maintaining your camera lens is not as expensive as you think. In fact all the above mentioned measures are quite inexpensive; they just need some sincere attention. For more photography tips, keep reading our other articles.

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