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How to Control Color Spills while Chroma Keying

Green screen photography, also known as Chroma keying is extremely popular among photographers who want to capture and produce unbelievable pictures and videos. This cutting-edge technique has helped shutterbugs across the globe to transform imagination into reality. The best part about Chroma keying is that itís not a rocket science; even an amateur with basic photography skills will be able to give unbelievable effects to his work. The only issue that has been haunting the amateurs as well as the pros is how to get rid of color spills. Color spills happen when light reflects from a shiny object that is present inside or maybe even outside the frame. During Chroma keying, color spilling occurs from the Chroma key green screen backdrops. Spilled color casts a noticeable shadow on the subject, especially around her hairs, shoulders, and bodyline. When you use background replacement software for deleting the background, the traces of the green color will be seen around the edges of your subject; thereby questioning the authenticity of your image. Moreover, the green spill from the green screen backdrop decreases the overall quality of your image. Here are a few noteworthy things that you must do in order to control the color spills.

Light your shot appropriately

Photography is not about flooding your subject with a lot of light; itís actually about using reasonable amount of light for appropriately illuminating your subject. The more intensive your lighting is, the more will be color spills; therefore, do not use direct, bright light. Controlling the amount of light and using it judiciously can greatly reduce the color spills that are caused due to reflections from the green screen backdrops.

Stay away from any reflective surface

Whether itís your roof, or your floor, anything around your shooting area can be a potential cause of color spills. Therefore, evaluate your shooting area, identify them, and remove them. Things that cannot be removed such as your walls or roof can be painted with black color or covered with black fabric. Black is a good absorber of light and is sure to help you reduce the amount of color spills.

Buy a good quality backdrop with anti-reflection surface

Muslin Chroma key green screen backdrops made of 100% cotton fabric are an excellent choice for Chroma keying. They are less reflective and are sure to reduce your post-production issues. Such backdrops are available in our online store. Apart from green, we also have blue, black, and dyed muslin backdrops.


Maintain appropriate distance between your subject and the backdrop

The lesser the distance between your subject and your Chroma key green screen backdrops, the more will be the color spills. This is because; the bounce-back effect will be more when your subject is standing near it. The recommended distance between them is at least 6 to 10 feet. Make sure you build a big studio so that this distance is maintained without any failure.

These basics are sure to help you handle the color spills appropriately, thereby giving a genuine look to your images. For more such useful ideas, keep reading our other articles. Also, get associated with us by liking our Facebook page.

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