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How to do Sports Photography

Sports Photography is a lucrative business; however, itís full of competition. Unless you are able to capture the moments as it is, you wonít be able to please your clients. Apart from freezing the actions and moments, you as a sports photographer have to capture the emotions and expressions of players as well as audience. Although this sounds quite easy, sports photography requires a die-hard effort to capture just the perfect shot. Here are some sports photography tips that you must learn in order to capture stunning sports images.

Use burst mode

Keep your camera settings on a continuous shooting mode, also known as burst mode. This will help you in taking multiple shots (usually 4-5) at a time so that at least one of them turns out to be exactly what you have been looking for. Later, you can select the best among them, thereby successfully capturing the entire event. Shooting in burst mode consumes a lot of memory, so donít forget to carry a spare memory card with you.

Shoot in JPG mode

Most of the photographers prefer to use RAW mode than JPG as RAW provides you enormous opportunity for editing. However, during sports photography speed is the most important than quality as you need to capture all the details without any failure. Therefore, always use JPG mode so that the buffer time is minimized and you capture things at the right moment.

Set white balance

When you take shots outdoors, your camera automatically balances the white tone. Indoor sports photography under artificial lighting can confuse your camera and other sports photography equipments resulting in images that are full of varied tints. Therefore, set your cameraís white balance settings to fluorescent or tungsten manually. Take a few shots before the event to check if the white tone setting is perfect.


Choose faster shutter speed

Keep your camera settings into a shutter priority mode and prefer its speed about 1/500 of a second. This will help you to accurately freeze the moments. Take a couple of test images before the event starts so that you donít waste time during crucial events. Faster shutter speed is the only way to capture fast action moments, so make sure you choose the fastest possible shutter speed. Moreover, to achieve higher shutter speed, you have to use a wide aperture that will blur the background distractions, thereby increasing the focus on the players.


Image stabilizer

You will be among a cheering and moving crowd and the chances of becoming unstable will be equally high there. To get sharp and clear images, use an image stabilizer. This sports photography equipment protects your images from getting blurred. Tripod is the best option to use as image stabilizer, as it gives you shake-free images irrespective of your shutter speed.
Never shoot your subjects from their back; such pictures will not capture their emotions and therefore, considered to be meaningless. Always shoot your subject from the front and make sure you include the sports element, whether itís a bat, a ball, or a hockey stick. If you like these sports photography tips make sure you browse through the rest of the photography articles to learn the tricks of this business. Also, browse through our vast range of affordably-priced photography equipments that are a great way to upgrade your equipment collection.

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