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How to Illuminate your Subject for Clicking Stunning Portraits

The way you light up your subject seriously influences your final outcome and therefore, it is always recommended that you must illuminate your subject in the most appropriate way. Learning the basics of photography lighting is sure to help you capture stunning images. Here are a few photography tips that are sure to help you light up your subject like a pro. Once you master them, you will easily be able to take your work to the next level.

Prefer using a broad light source

Illuminating your subject evenly is the topmost requirement of photography. For this, you will need a soft light that spreads evenly across your frame or any desired area. Direct, narrowed light coming from your photography lighting equipments will give you hot spots and dark shadows. In order to soften the light, you have to pass it through a diffusing surface such as a softbox, a translucent umbrella, or any other photography lighting equipments that diffuses the light and broadens it. Broad, even light will help you minimize the hot spots and decrease the harshness of the shadows, along with making your subject look natural and beautiful.

The broad light source should be as close to your subject as possible

When diffused, the intensity of light decreases and therefore, the closer the source, the more effective your photography lighting equipments will be for illuminating your subject. While bringing your light source and the diffusion panel close to your subject, ensure that it remains out of the frame. If you are using cool lights such as the fluorescent and the halogen ones, keeping your light source closer to your subject might cause slight inconvenience but if you are using tungsten photography lighting, your subject will find it challenging to bear the heat. Therefore; cool lights are the most recommended ones for photography lighting.

Position your photography lighting equipments appropriately

Apart from distance, the position of your lighting accessories can also make your break your image. Not all positions are suitable for all situations. For example; front lighting is great for fashion photography as it will hide the blemishes on the face of your subject and make her look beautiful; however, for photographing a poor, old lady, use side lighting to appropriately capture her wrinkles; thereby making her look old and helpless. Before you start your shoot, decide what you want to capture and position your photography lighting equipments accordingly.


Use shadows appropriately

Unintentional shadows are destructive; whereas intentional shadows are not. They can give a three-dimensional look to your images. Artistically create shadows in your shots and you will be able to capture dramatic images. When used appropriately, shadows can help convey a message, a story, a situation, and lot more.

Beware of color spills

Light, when bounced from any reflective surface, especially a colored one, will give you color spills. Therefore, make sure there isnít any reflective surface inside your frame. Although such issues can be corrected during the post production, itís often a time-consuming task. Therefore, it is always advisable to address any such issues right before the shoot.

These lighting techniques are sure to help you capture stunning pictures. For buying professional photography lighting equipments, check out our online store. Also, subscribe our newsletters to keep receiving more such useful information, offers, and much more.

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