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Mistakes that You must Avoid in Order to Make Your Chroma Key Photographs Look Real

Trick photography is very popular these days. It is frequently used for creating amusing videos and pictures that are sure to impress the audience. Out of all, Chroma keying is one of the most popular trick photography techniques that are in demand these days. It has helped photographers to make stunning photos and videos that would otherwise haven't been feasible. This technique has become the success factor behind many Hollywood movies. Although this technique has revolutionized the photography industry, it's so simple that even an amateur would be able to do a satisfactory job by the help of these basic Chroma keying techniques.

Before your start shooting, visualize and determine what you want

Visualization is sure to help you achieve exactly what you want. So, before you start framing your shot or even setting up your equipments, sit down for a minute, relax, and imagine what your final image should look like. Good visualization will help you in making the exact setting required for your image. For example; if you are shooting a picture of an old man sitting inside a tower, make sure you use dull lighting to illuminate your shot and probably try to have some shadows on the subject's face and body as well. The brightness and contrast of foreground and background should match so that they perfectly blend with each other when mixed. This will only be possible if you visualize your needs first then start shooting.

Never let color spills spoil your work

Color spills add an element of unreality to your images and degrade their overall look. They are one of the most notorious issues that Chroma key photographers have to deal with. To avoid this issue, always maintain appropriate distance between the subject and the green screen backdrop. The minimum recommended distance is 6 to 10 feet. A healthy distance will give clearer outlines to your subject thereby, simplifying the keying process for you.

Backlighting shouldn't be ignored

Unless you flawlessly separate the subject from the background, your green screen photography will not look professional. For proper separation, you must light your background separately. Illuminate your backdrop evenly to ensure there are no shadows or hot spots. Lighting error can give lots of post production headaches to you. Also, use a hair light, if required. The backlighting should be hotter near the head and the torso area.


There should be any shadow in your frame

This is the most challenging as well as crucial part of green screen photography. Any unwanted shadow, whether it's in the background or foreground, can severely affect the quality of your images. To get rid of them, place your lighting equipments strategically so that the entire frame is evenly illuminated. For full body shots, illuminate the floor as well so that there are no shadows there.

These Chroma keying tips are sure to help you capture unbelievably stunning images.

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