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PhotoStudioSupplies  :  Perfect Green Screen Apparels for Chroma Keying

Perfect Green Screen Apparels for Chroma Keying

Green screen apparels such as green screen body suit, Chroma key gloves, green screen hood, etc. are great tools for giving Hollywood style effects to your videos and pictures. They work in association with the green screen backdrops and help make every impossible thing possible. The sci-fi and horror movies having shots of headless man and floating booms are possible due to these green screen accessories. Although they seem to be mere green clothes, you need to be very specific while buying them so that they give you appropriate Chroma keying results. Here are some specifications that you must look for while ordering your set of green screen apparels.

Be specific about the color

Not all green colored clothes are suitable for Chroma keying and therefore, make sure you buy the professionally designed green screen apparels such as the ones that are available with us. The color of the apparels must scientifically match with that of the Chroma key green. This is because; Chroma keying works best with Chroma key colors. For situations where you won’t be able to use green colored apparels, choose the Chroma key blue ones.

Always buy good quality muslin apparels

100% cotton muslin fabric should be your first choice because it has many advantages over the other fabrics. This fabric is durable and is sure to last for years, bearing the regular wear and tear. Green screen apparels, specifically the green screen hood must be made of muslin, as this fabric is very comfortable and wearing it will not be a big issue for your subject.

Stretchable fabric will fit many sizes

One size fits many will be a great way to avoid unnecessary expenses of buying fitting accessories for each of your subject. The green screen suit, hood, and gloves available with PhotoStudioSupplies are made of stretchable fabric so that your subjects can comfortably wear them. Make sure that the fabric doesn’t get strained when stretched or else your green screen apparels will suffer irreversible damages. Moreover, stretchable fabric will help your subject perform his act comfortably.


Soft and breathable fabric is sure to be comfortable for your subjects

The green screen apparels should be soft on the skin so that your subject can comfortably wear it for your entire shooting duration. In case your subject is not comfortable in wearing them, he will not be able to perform well. Moreover, green screen hoods should be extra comfortable and must have minute pores around the face area to allow comfortable breathing.

Make sure the apparels do not reflect too much of light

The more the reflection, the more will be color spills. To get natural results, avoid color spills as much as possible. Always buy green screen hoods, suits, etc. that have anti-reflection surface i.e. they absorb as much light as possible. Color spills can severely increase the post-production work for you, so resolve any such issues right before shooting.

Whether you are buying green screen apparels for your home video or for professional use, make sure you check these specifications in order to ensure good stuff for your studio. For other informative photography tips, keep reading our other articles.

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