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Photography Guide for Brides

Wedding is the most awaited day of everyone’s life and pictures are a great way to capture those lifetime memories. Therefore, Choosing the right wedding photographer is as important as choosing the right wedding dress. But here are few things you can do to get most out of your wedding pictures.

Pre- wedding photo shoot

A pre- wedding photo shoot is great option for couples tying the knot. This is a fun session wherein bride and groom are captured in a more relaxed and natural manner. This gives you enough time to get comfortable with your photographer and the photos you capture can be used for your wedding invitations.

Posing Tricks

There is a big difference in the way you naturally look and the way you look in front of camera. However, certain tricks can really help you pull a great photo session like pulling your chin up, tilting your head, keeping your shoulders straight, standing on one foot and lot more. These little tricks have great impact and flatter your looks for instance by pulling your chin up reduces flab on your chin and gives you a jaw line. In addition, do not forget to hold your bouquet down in a way, that it does not cover your dress. Go for a bouquet, which is smaller and lighter. So, embrace these photography tricks and capture beautiful shots. .

Background & angles

The rule of wedding photography is, simpler the background is, better it is. Your wedding photographs are about you, so keep backgrounds simple else it may take attention away from you. Interesting and unusual backgrounds are a distraction and let your photographer capture you from different angles may be lying on the floor, or kneeling down, this may look hilarious to you, but your photographer knows the best angle for capturing the picture.



Lighting is life of photography. Success of your wedding photo shoot depends a lot upon available lighting conditions. If you are planning your wedding outdoors, before sunset is the best time for photography and if you are planning indoors, make sure place has lot of windows so that natural light is also there. Avoid buildings with dark ceilings. .

Detail Shots & Props

Props can make your photos look creative. Try different props like flowers, balloons, ribbons or other inexpensive and creative items to make your photos look out –of the box. Your photographer may also like to capture some interesting detail shots of wedding cake, rings, your garter, champagne glasses, bouquets, your wedding invitations, and more.

Makeup and hair style

It is very important to have a dress & hairdo rehearsal in advance. You cannot leave things to chance or experiment on your wedding day. Make sure your make up compliments your wedding dress and skin tone. Instead of following the latest hair trend, stick to the one which suits your face cut best.

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