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PhotoStudioSupplies  :  The Secrets of Selecting the Perfect Green Screen Backdrop for Chroma keying

The Secrets of Selecting the Perfect Green Screen Backdrop for Chroma Keying

Green screen backdrops are the lifeline of Chroma key photography. They are the ones who make background replacement feasible, thereby making it possible for the photographers to feature their subjects on an ‘out of the question’ location or condition. Without proper green screen backgrounds, keying will be very difficult and this is the reason why you must do your research before you invest in it. Here are some features that you must look, in order to choose a green screen backdrop that will give you convincing results.

Understanding your green screen backdrop

All green backdrops are not eligible for Chroma keying. The background replacement technology works with the help of Chroma key software that only accept Chroma key colors such as Chroma key green and blue. Whether you use paper, muslin, or canvas, if its color scientifically matches with Chroma key green or blue, it can be used for green screen photography.
Usually green Chroma key backgrounds are the most preferred ones for Chroma keying, because it is known to have the minimum color conflicts as compared to blue. However, blue backdrops are used for situations where you cannot use the green one such as featuring a model with green eye or green clothes.

Look for the features you need in a particular Green Screen Backdrop

  • The color of the backdrop is the most crucial feature when you plan to buy a backdrop for green screen photography. Whether you use blue or green, the color must scientifically match with the Chroma key ones.
  • Like any other form of photography, muslin backdrops are the most preferred ones for Chroma keying as well. If you are choosing a muslin backdrop, buy the ones that are made of 100% cotton muslin fabric. The better the quality of muslin, the finer will be your results.
  • Your green screen backgrounds must have an anti-reflection surface so that there are no color spills. Although color spills may be addressed during post production, avoiding them altogether is going to save your time.
  • Make sure there are no wrinkles on your backdrop. This is because; a wrinkles backdrop cannot be illuminated evenly. Unless your shot is evenly lit, you will not be able to do background replacement.

How to take care of green screen backdrops

  • Never fold your muslin backdrop, as they will develop wrinkles along the folded area. The best way to store them is to wrap them up on a plastic tube. Do not use wooden tube, as wood have a tendency to absorb moisture and will therefore, damage the fabric.
  • Whether you are using a muslin Chroma key green screen backdrop or a canvas one, do not wash them. Painted canvas has a high risk of discoloration when washed, whereas Muslin has a tendency to shrink as well as lose its color. Moreover, when washed, the muslin backdrops will get wrinkles. Therefore, even if you are using the best quality backdrop, PhotoStudioSupplies do not recommend washing it. The best way to clean them is to remove stains immediately by using a soap and water solution.
  • Do not iron them. Use a fabric steamer to remove wrinkles.

This article is sure to help you choose the most appropriate green screen backgrounds for Chroma keying. For other interesting and useful photography tips, keep reading our other articles. If you like this article and our vast collection of photography product let others know about this by liking our Facebook page and promoting us on Google Plus.

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