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The Art of Capturing Self Portraits

It is very easy for to take pictures of others but taking self portraits is a real challenge even for professional photographers. Since you have to shoot yourself, chances of capturing good pictures aren't very high. You won't be able to see the final setup and since you have to rush to the frame before the timer clicks, expressions won't be appropriate. If you still want to shoot your portraits by yourself, here are some tips that will help you.

  • The best option for shooting self-portrait is to use the timer function of your camera. You can set the timer on your camera to delay the pressing of the shutter button. The duration of delay varies and may go up to 1 minute in high end cameras. By delaying the shutter operation, you will get some time to get into the frame and pose. All cameras have a timer function.
  • Timer will restrict your flexibility, as in most cases, you have to run around to reach the spot. If you want more flexibility use remote control instead of timer function. They are easier to operate and make it simpler to shoot self-portraits. Such remotes are not much costly.
  • Use a background theme or target, to focus your camera while shooting. Later, you can replace it in the frame. This will make it easier for you to frame your shot.
  • Distance matters a lot in photography. Since you are taking self-portraits, you should be very careful about maintaining appropriate distance from your camera after you have set the focus. The best solution is to mark a spot on the floor to know where you will stand exactly.
  • Use manual focus which enables you to use your guides to work with the frame and then focus the targeted point perfectly.
  • Change your depth of field slightly by using an aperture of around f/10. This will make your face the center of the focus, even if you stand slightly away from the camera.
  • Be imaginative and try taking the photos from different angles so that at least some of them turn out to be good. Keep experimenting with yourself.
  • If you are a frequent self-portrait photographer, buy a camera with a rotatable screen so that you can see yourself on the small screen before you shoot.
  • With these useful tips, self-portrait will become much easier and yield quality images of yours. You won't get good pictures in one go, so keep experimenting.

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