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Why is Shooting in a Studio more Convenient than Shooting Outdoors in Sunlight

Sun the brightest lighting equipment. Using the sunlight doesn't cost you a penny; moreover, it gives a natural look to your photographs. Most pro photographers love to work with this ambient light but the issues associated with it forces them to choose the studio lighting setup for capturing stunning photographs. Here is why studio light photography is much more convenient than sunlight.

You get more flexibility when you are shooting inside a studio

From scheduling your shot to way you light it up; everything you do inside your studio is under your control. Even if your subject gets late by an hour or you are not prepared for the shoot, it won't affect the quality of light, whereas in case of sunlight photography, you have to very specific about the timing. Any delay will change the tone of the sunlight thereby, affecting your desired results. Moreover, you will be dependent on the weather. A windy day or a hot day may shut your shoot, whereas you would love to extend your shooting time during cloudy weather. The subject's hair, makeup, dress, etc. will be affected by the outdoor elements; whereas in studio, you will be the controller of everything.

Light your subject the way you want

Sunlight doesn't offer you much option for illuminating your subject. It's very difficult to manipulate the ambient light and customize it for illuminating your subject in a specific manner. While shooting indoors, you will be either using continuous lighting equipments or be dependent on flashes and strobes. Either ways, you will have full control on how to illuminate your subject. You can play with the brightness and shadows and come up with marvelous results. Continuous lighting can help you capture dramatic images, whereas sunlight restricts these options.

Distraction will not be an issue if you are shooting indoors

The scenic beauty and other elements present in natural backgrounds are often distracting and can affect the focus and attention that your subject receives. A busier background is always distractive, whereas a simpler one will enhance the look of your images along with dragging the focus on your subject. When shooting indoors, you will have all options for choosing a relevant background/backdrop for your pictures.

Shoot a wide range of pictures with convenience

Why have your subjects be outdoors in the sun and travel to hundreds of kilometer for a shoot? Shooting indoors will be much more convenient for you, your crew, as well as your model. When you are shooting indoors, you don't have to bother about discharged batteries or about the safety of your crew. If you want to photograph your subject against a specific object or at a particular location, simply use the background replacement technique to photograph your subject at any location across the globe, without even moving out of your studio.

Although indoor shoots are much more convenient than outdoor photography, shooting inside a studio requires a lot of preparation time such as putting up the backdrop, placing, and positioning your light, etc. However, the results you achieve far outweigh the efforts.

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